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Caviar Baeri


Baeri Kaspia caviar comes from a species of sturgeon living in Russia, bred in Italy or Bulgaria. Dark in color, its grain is anthracite gray to golden brown. Delicate, the small grains of Baeri caviar have a frankly iodized taste. A fine and delicate flavor with a note of fresh hazelnut.
Composition: Acipencer baeri sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative E285.
Storage: Between -2°C and +2°C.
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This exceptional caviar has a fresh flavor and a delicate iodized taste. The main fishery for this species of sturgeon is in Russia and the most widespread species in European farms, particularly in France and Italy. Each bean is distinct in appearance, taste and texture.
The variety of dishes in which you can use Baeri caviars is endless. From the simplest preparations (eggs, a slice of toast) to the most elaborate recipes (beluga tartare, caviar brik or whimsical appetizers).
Baeri caviar from Kaspia is delicately succulent in the mouth, with a fresh taste of hazelnut. Impress your guests with Caviar Baeri today.

Origin: Italie, Bulgarie ou Madagascar