As unexpected as it may seems, Caviar Kaspia continues to develop its lifestyle range and this year, for Easter, it is offering an exclusive caviar egg born of a long-standing collaboration that pays tribute to the egg. Inherited the egg is one of the emblematic creations of the House of Cristal Benito. The egg was originally an Easter gift. A shell dressed in gold containing a precious gift in the manner of Russian dolls. The imperial "First Hen Egg" was born. Completely amazed by these creations, the Tsar decided to offer a new egg to his companion every Easter.

To celebrate more than 10 years of partnership and friendship, Caviar Kaspia commissioned the House of Cristal Benito to create an exclusive series of 14 caviar eggs in cut crystal, all unique pieces, numbered and signed. The azure blue Kaspia egg is cut with multiple facets enhanced by chiselled waves, revealing all the brilliance and subtleties of this crystal in marine colors.

The artist Arestakes has specially created for this occasion the Caviar Kaspia monogrammed sturgeon in the image of the emblem of the famous house. A true work of art as well as a precious case, this Kaspia egg will delight the most discerning caviar lovers.

The Kaspia Easter Egg

  • Azure crystal egg cut and sculpted by hand by Franck Benito.
  • Mounting and ornament in bronze gilded with 24-carat fine gold.
  • Exclusive series limited to 14 pieces numbered from 1 to 14 and signed "Cristal Benito for Caviar Kaspia".
  • Dimensions: height 30 cm x diameter 10 cm.