• Heart of Smoked Norwegian Salmon

Heart of Smoked Norwegian Salmon


The Norwegian Salmon is raised in the fjords for 3 to 5 years so that it grows and strengthens to reach a weight of 3 to 9 kg. Kaspia has been selecting exceptional products from the best farms in Norway for decades and ensures traditional smoking with beech wood. This salted salmon fillet, smoked over beech wood. The noblest part of the fillets, the heart, is cut out of the fillet.

Composition: Farmed Atlantic salmon from Norway (Salmo Salar), salt, smoke.

This product is not intended for people allergic to the allergens below: Fish and fish products, cereals containing gluten, shellfish and shellfish products.

Storage: between 0°C and +4°C. It is best to open the packaging 30 minutes before consumption.

Consume within 2 days after opening.

Quantity: 200g</p>