• Matriochka Olga
  • Matriochka Olga
  • Matriochka Olga

Matriochka Olga


Height: 13cm

Width 7cm

Matriochkas in Limoges Porcelain, a new range of caviar displays.

The collaboration between Caviar Kaspia and Maison Carpenet gives birth to a range of original, rare and precious caviar displays, which come with originality and refinement, to magnify the caviar as tradition dictates.

A nod to the origins of Kaspia, these Matryoshkas invite you on a dreamlike journey to the heart of Russia, between tradition and modernity. Symbols of family and fertility, they now honor the rarity and exception of Kaspia caviar.

This fine and delicate collection, emblematic of the purest French craftsmanship, was created by designer Georges Riu. The result of the combination of many skills, these four Russian dolls are real handmade jewellery, adorned with black enamel, drawn with fine gold and set with a golden brass clasp.